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Most Americans take for granted their ability to attend a civic meeting, use public sidewalks, call 9-1-1 in an emergency, or show up at the polls to vote. For too many people with disabilities, however, these seemingly routine aspects of American life have posed daunting challenges and, in some cases, been altogether unavailable.

When a municipal courthouse is not accessible, people who use wheelchairs cannot serve on juries, attend hearings, or appear in court as witnesses. When a town hall is not accessible, person with disabilities cannot participate in town meetings or other civic programs. When sidewalks do not have curb ramps, people with mobility disabilities are unable to move around freely to get to city hall, the Department of Motor Vehicles, the local library, or public elementary school. When a city does not provide sign language interpreters at a zoning hearing or other program, persons with hearing impairments may not be able to participate. And if government websites are not designed to work with assistive technologies such as screen readers and voice recognition software, blind individuals and persons who cannot use a mouse may not be able to renew their drivers’ licenses, file their tax returns, or apply for government jobs and programs online.

Access to civic life is a fundamental goal of the Americans with Disabilities Act . . . ~ Excerpts from the “New Freedom Initiative”


“Sign Language Interpretation For The Stage” Workshop Invitation

Mid-Ohio Valley sign language interpreters are invited to attend a workshop entitled “Sign Language Interpretation For The Stage”. The workshop will be held on Saturday, July 18, 2015, at 1:00 PM on the campus of Marietta College at the Friedrich Theater in the Hermann Fine Arts Center, 500 Butler Street (corner of 4th and Butler Streets) in Marietta, Ohio.

The subject matter covered will be the differences between interpretation for the stage versus other types of events, and ASL Theatre Certification information. Continuing Education Units (CEUs) are available for RID members who attend. Workshop presenters will be Janelle St. Martin and Brianna Butler who have a combined total of over 30 years experience in interpreting for stage productions.

There is no charge for the workshop and light snacks will be provided. Workshop attendees will be offered a complimentary ticket to attend the performance of the classic comedy Noises Off that evening to observe stage interpretation.

Registrations accepted through Wednesday, July 15, 2015. Please contact Linda Buchanan by phone at 304- 354-7506 or by email to lindabn2art@yahoo.com, and provide the following information: Name, Address, Phone, Email, and Number of Years Experience in sign language interpretation.

This workshop is presented with financial assistance from Our Community’s Foundation.

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